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I write character-driven dark fiction.
What do you do?

From the dark corners of award-winning horror writer Rob Smales's twisted mind come thirteen tales of murder, terror, ghosts, and ghouls.

A boy learns how to be a man in a post-apocalyptic world . . .
An old man teaches his grandson to do the right thing, with terrifying results . . .
A plane crash leaves a damaged man doing whatever he must to survive . . .

This collection of the scary and sublime will burrow into the most disturbed part of your soul, leaving you wondering: what was that noise in the other room?
Perhaps it was nothing.
Or perhaps it was an echo of darkness.

Featuring my Pushcart Prize nominated shorts, "Death of the Boy" and "In Full Measure."

"Too commercialized."
"Too mainstream."
When Brian and Carol came to England, all they wished for was the most traditional holiday celebration they could find: a dance in the village square, dinner in the inn's taproom, and a lovely winter stroll beneath the stars.

No one told them to be careful what they wished for: they just might get it.

A terrifying new tale from seasoned horror writer Rob Smales, just in time for the holiday. Because not all Christmases are bright.
In Triplicity, the first installment in a series known as the Terror Project, you’ll find a trio of dead women with three very different tales.

"Brando and Bad Choices," by Stacey Longo
A vain woman learns firsthand if there’s an afterlife . . . and if one can find redemption, even in hell.

"Steel," by Tony Tremblay
A young woman leads a group of survivors in a dangerous, dystopian world.

"The Christmas Spirit," by Rob Smales
A mother-in-law explains how a holiday tradition got its decidedly spiritual start.