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I write character-driven dark fiction.

             What do you do?

Greetings and salutations, readers and writers! My name is Rob Smales, and this is my website; a place for stories to be told and talked about, and for me to occasionally pat myself on the back for getting something published. 

Out Now!


From the Amazon page:

In this assortment of spine-chilling tales, twenty-two voices shine a strobe light on the cultural demons that lurked in the background while they came of age in the heyday of Satanic panic and slasher flicks, milk carton missing and music television, video rentals and riot grrrls.

These Gen-X storytellers once stayed out unsupervised until the streetlights came on, and what they brought home with them will terrify you.

Featuring brand new fiction from Kevin David Anderson, Glynn Owen Barrass, Matthew Barron, C.D. Brown, Matthew Chabin, L.E. Daniels, C.O. Davidson, Douglas Ford, Phil Ford, Holly Rae Garcia, Dale W. Glaser, Tim Jeffreys, Derek Austin Johnson, Eldon Litchfield, Adrian Ludens, Elaine Pascale, Erica Ruppert, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Rob Smales (that's me!), Mark Towse, Thomas Vaughn, and Thomas K.S. Wake.

Featuring my new story, "How I Met Kurt Russell."

(Disclaimer: I've never actually met Kurt Russell. It's called fiction, people!)

From the magazine's landing page:
"Welcome to 34 Orchard, the literary journal that delights in exploring what haunts us all. In our biannual issues, we will bring you tales of terror, tales of unrest, tales of sadness. If you enjoy dark stories with a subtext, then you’ve reached your destination. All you’ve left to do is walk up the rickety porch steps and knock on the door."

From me:

Welcome to issue #4, featuring twenty-three tales, including my story, "Letter to the Other Side."

34 Orchard is a project borne of passion, and is―get this―FREE to download. They wouldn't say no to a donation, however, just to help keep the lights on and the doors open, so if you're feeling magnanimous, or simply think twenty-three tales are worth it, stop by their site and drop a couple of bucks in the can on their desk.

Christ, you can't even get a cup of coffee for $2 anymore!

From the Amazon page:

"The New England Horror Writers is proud to present their 8th anthology―the 7th in the Wicked series, Wicked Creatures; featuring four poems and 20 stories from some of the finest authors of the NEHW. Need Vampires? Kaiju? Mothmen? Wendigos? Shapeshifters? We got ‘em here!

From me:

Featuring my little story, "Wood You Love?" Wicked Creatures is a 374-page creature-feature extravaganza sure to have something for monster maniacs everywhere. 

So, whether you are a monsterac or simply know and love one, Wicked Craetures is a definite must-check-out!

Grab it Now:

The crew of the Ravager thought they were on top of the world, taking what they wanted and burning the rest―even the Royal Navy couldn't stop them.

Then they met the tribe.

Then they found the fog.

And in the fog they couldn't see what was coming until it was far too late.

Red Blood, White Wood, a standalone not-so-short story, available now in the Kindle store for just 99 cents!

Beware the fog.

Let us tell you a story!

Books & Boos Press recently released Triplicity: The Terror Project, Volume 1 as an audio production, read for you by Mark Rossman, available now on Audible and Amazon!

Now you can have your horror:

  • While you drive
  • While you walk.
  • While you work.

Just click on the image, buy the audiobook, download, and go.

—Oh, don't forget the most important part: Enjoy!



Remember the '80s?

Would you like to?

Between these covers await eleven tales full of that good old-fashioned, pre-smartphone, boom-boxy, popped collar and big hair feel, while at the same time each is something totally new you've never seen before―leading off with my own cross between Night of the Comet and The Breakfast Club, "Stardust."

100% of the proceeds from Totally Tubular Terrors goes to the Help Jim & Tessa Fund, so not only are you getting a really fun book, you're doing something nice for someone else. You can count it as your good deed for the day!

Totally Tubular Terrors: the fun horror book that actually helps you get into Heaven. 

Site Under Construction!

I'm in the process of giving the site an overhaul—in between writing, editing, and working a day job (yep, in that order). Please bear with me.

Navigation menus may change. Sidebars will change. Things will be updated. Some stuff will be added. Some stuff will disappear.

Come on back every once in a while and check out the progress. I'd love to have you.