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Vamplit and Zombie Love - It's Been a Strange Month

Posted by [email protected] on February 1, 2012 at 6:35 AM

And that was January. 

Weird month. I worked on the novel I started for NaNoWriMo quite a bit, but I took a little time out to work on another project, one I was invited to work on, called Zombies Need Love Too. If you've been reading my Blog you've probably heard of it. I wrote a story I liked a lot, but it was a little long --6,500 words, when the requested cap for submissions was 5,000.

I had to trim it. A lot.

Well, while I was trimming it, (though I prefer the term 'streamlining') I recieved word that the project might be shelved, at least temporarily, for lack of submissions. Aside from the people running the show, there were only 22 people invited to work on the project (I felt very exclusive!), and I think there were only about a half-dozen submissions including the one I sent in last night --I'd managed to get it down to 5,100 words.

They are throwing the doors open now, and putting out a general call for submissions. The deadline has been pushed back again, to allow for the general call, so maybe I'll have time to submit again. If I'm struck by another idea that I fall in love with, of course.

By the way, I have to thank my friend Matt Brown for being my technical consultant for the ER scene in the story I submitted, Maxwell's Medical Miracle. Matt is an EMS dispatcher, and he provided me with the procedural details I used for the EMTs in the scene. Thanks Matt! I'll be looking to pick your brain again when, sometime soon, I write the short story Mutes, as the main character in that story is an EMT.

What else for the past month? 

Well, I joined the website Vamplit Blog as one of their Friday Flash contributors. You may have noticed that there is a new page on The Storyteller, Friday Flash. For those of you who do not  like Horror, Keep Out. Vamplit Publishing's Friday Flash is a directed Horror Flash blog. 

Here's the idea:

Every month Vamplit Publishing chooses a subject, for example last month the subject was "Circus and Carnival". Then each week they post a Topic taken from that month's Subject, i.e. "Clowns", "Circus Acts" and "Mardi Gras". We writers have a week to write a very short story on the Topic - 1,000 words or less. We then post the stories to our own websites, Vamplit, and then post links to our stories to a website called FridayFlash.  Then the tweeting begins.

We Tweet links to our stories, both on Vamplit and our own websites. We tweet about each other's as well. And Vamplit tweets about them. And the FridayFlash site tweets about them. I only know how many Followers I , Vamplit and FridayFlash have, but just those added together means tweets are going out to about 1,400 people. I'd estimate that if you add in the other authors on Vamplit, there are better than 2,000 people recieving tweets about my story for that week. 

Now, there's absolutely no guarantee that anyone recieving a tweet about my work is actually going to read my work, but at least there's a small sample available to that many people on a regular basis. My name is getting out there in this small fashion.

And I'd have to say it's working. I've only been submitting to Vamplit for two weeks now, and I've actually gotten a little traffic through my website from it. Including one person somewhere in Kansas who, after reading my Horror Flash for that week went on to read a bunch of the other stories I have on The Storyteller. And then he read even more of them the next week. 

I'll take that as a sign that he likes what he's reading. It's a big feel-good for me.

So, if you like short Horror, my Friday Flash page will be getting a new story each week, and I'll be putting alink on the page leading back to Vamplit so you can read the other authors if you like. But again, if you don't like Horror, then just stay away. Like it says at the top of my Friday Flash page, "Here there be Monsters!"

Well, that's about it for last month.

Oh! I did toss The Visit to another author who is looking to put together an online Flash anthology, but that was on a whim, so I'll just wait and see what happens with that. Someone in my Writing Group put out the call for a friend of hers, and I had the story lying around.

No word yet from LDS Publishing about that Christmas anthology, or from Dark Moon Digest about those two stories they were interested in. I'll keep you posted if anything develops on either front.

Okay, that's it for last month!

Talk to you later!

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