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And that was July... Can you Hear Me Now?

Posted by [email protected] on August 7, 2012 at 6:50 AM

Hello, it's me again.

Just a quick rundown of what's been happening over here in my little corner of the world ... which is to say, my bedroom, mostly, though I write pretty much wherever I can.

The Ghost IS The Machine from Post Mortem Press will be available from Amazon and Barnes&Noble on August 14th, 2012. I just received my contributer's copy in the mail yesterday, and I'm thrilled with the thing. 

Following on the heels of that news I recently received word about the Horror Society's Dangers Untold, which features my story, Mutes. I got to see the cover art and found that the release is scheduled for October 1st, 2012 - just in time for Halloween!

My story The Colossal Monster was finally accepted for the Coffin Hop's Death by Drive-In anthology, but as of this writing I'm still waiting to hear a release date for the project. I do know people were asking if it was going to be available for them to give away during his year's Coffin Hop, so I have my fingers crossed and am eagerly awaiting my first view of the cover art.

Speaking of the Coffin Hop anthologies, the collection from last year, the working title of the project was Zombies Need Love Too, seemed to have stalled out, but there's recent news. The people behind the book have started their own small publishing company, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. They've picked up a cover artist and I might have some cover-art to promote in a couple of weeks. Yay!

Scarlett River Press did accept my story Bedtime Story for their book Rigorous Mortis, and once again I wrote a story that was way too long and had to cut it down. Thank you again to Paul out in California for giving it a read and helping focus my editing a little. That's three! 

Also from Scarlett River is the new anthology they put out a submission call for, Werewolves vs Zombies. They said they would accept a very few reprints (stories that have been published before) from well-established authors. I'm not exactly well-established (not even close) but I asked about sending in a reprint and they said to go ahead. I sent in Playmate Wanted, a werewolf story, and the first thing I ever had published. Again, fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I managed to win the Reader's Choice contest over at DarkMedia Ezine two weeks in a row. That means sometime soon a pair of my Flash Fictions will be published in their online magazine. When they do, I'll be putting links to them on my "Where to Find Me" page. Of course, if you don't feel like waiting you can find them on my Friday Flash page - they were Tribe, and Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.

To show off all these things, I've created a new page at The Storyteller called "Where to Find Me". It's a list, with cover art when available, of every place you can find my published work. You'll see the new button in the navigation bar at the top of the page, and there are links on the page to places to buy the work if it's for sale or for you to read it if it's free. Enjoy!

In my downtime I've also managed to almost finish the first draft of Home Grown, my first real attempt at a novel. It's closing on 150,000 words, and needs some serious editing and streamlining before anyone sees it, but the rough cut is almost there. Huzzah!

...And now for something completely different.

I've been reading bedtime stories for years. I've always had fun with them, doing the voices, maybe a semi-dramatic reading, stuff like that. Well, I'm branching out in the storytelling business a bit, and I've joined the new District of Wonders as a narrator for some of their podcasts. Basically, the District of Wonders is the umbrella website or meeting place for four different genre storytelling podcast shows (imagine the old radio show Lights Out, or  Suspense. They're like that.). If you click on the link and go to the actual website, scroll to the bottom of their page and click the "Watch the Video" button. They explain the whole project and each website better then I ever could on my own. I've started narrating stories for them already (I'm working on my fourth one as I write this), though I'm just one of many narrators they have working for them.

And by 'working', I mean donating their time. 

No, I'm not making any money at this, but I'm having fun and learning how to do it. I have a fairly good microphone, some decent sound editing software, and there are some professional narrators and voice-over artists associated with the District that I can actually go to with questions. So I guess I'd haved to say 'No, I'm not making any money at this... yet.' But I'm learning. And in the meantime if you listen to the stories put out by the District of Wonders you may occasionally hear me.

Well, that's it for this month...except for one thing. Something happened while I was actually trying to write this post during my lunch.

Okay, here's the story:

I have a few FaceBook pages on which I publish links to my weekly Flash Fiction Horror stories. On these pages I've noticed I get 'Likes" and sometimes even comments from some people, and I see the same names popping up again and again -- it seems I have a few regular readers out there. 


I posted links and the cover art for the new book, The Ghost IS the Machine on these same pages. Today, when I clicked over to FaceBook to look up the information on the Coffin Hop anthology I saw that one of the 'regulars' had commented on my Ghost IS post. She was asking if I had ordered any extra copies for myself to send out autographed. 

I hadn't even thought of that, and said so. She got back to me... and to make a long story short (yes, I know, 'too late') I'm ordering another copy to sign and send out to her at her request. 

Apparently I've picked up a fan.

I feel like a real writer!

Talk to you later!

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