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September: Editing, Reviews and Lists, Oh My!

Posted by [email protected] on October 14, 2012 at 10:25 AM

Happy October!

For those of you who like quick reads, I think I'm offering you another one this month as last month not a lot happened with me as a writer. Not compared with SOME of the months I've had.

New Business: 

I did write a couple of short stories last month, one titled It's a Kind of Magic, the other (working title) Host. neither was for a specific submission call, so they don't have any intended homes as yet. Indeed, I don't even have any pressure to streamline them and get them ship-shape, though I think I'll be trying to edit Host soon. It's the creepier of the stories, and at 10,000 words it's the larger task to tackle than the 4,000 word Magic. These stories were just things I had clunking around in my head for a while, and they did get me writing again after more than a month off.

Oh... and another little thing. Okay, not so little, I'm actually quite happy about it: I was accepted into the Horror Writers Association as an Associate Member. This means I can claim to be a writer with the HWA in good standing, and I have a few more resources that I lacked before. Some terrific resources, actually. I'm on the waiting list for their Mentor Program, so hopefully sometime in the (not too distant?) future I'll have someone much more experienced than me that I can go to with all my questions... like 'Did Adam and Eve even have belly buttons?' ...okay, maybe not that specific question, but they can help me out ar an aspiring writer...

Old Business:

I am currently working on editing a collection of mine that I have mentioned previously called The Dead of Winter. Two (somewhat lengthy) short ghost stories and a novella all set in the months of winter. I am hoping to start shopping that around to certain publishers I have in mind next month. I'll have to let you know how that turns out...


Last month, if you recall, I submitted a short titled The Gardener to One Buck Horror. They got back to me recently with a polite rejection, so I turned around and immediately submitted it with an E-zine called Lamplight. These are both professional paying markets, so I'm hoping Lamplight finds my story more to their liking than One Buck did. Fingers crossed. And One Buck will be hearing from me again. Soon.

In my August posting I mentioned that back in July I had submitted my story Playmate Wanted (originally published in Dark Moon Digest more than a year ago) to Scarlett River Press for their Zombies vs. Werewolves anthology. I recently received an email saying it has been accepted for publication by them as a reprint, so you can keep your eye out for me to be promoting that little collection in future!

Oh! And if you're looking for a Christmas book to read this year, or maybe one to give away as a gift, be on the lookout for Checking it Twice&Other Heartwarming Holiday Tales from LDS Publishing. It's my first foray into non-horror publishing, just a straight-up heartwarming Christmas anthology, and I've gotten word that it will be hitting the virtual shelves at Barnes&Noble and Amazon within the next few weeks. Possibly very few. I'll definitely be keeping you posted about that next month!


Dangers Untold, the most recent anthology to feature my work, has been receiving some good reviews, and not just Reader Reviews on Amazon. There are three different reviews, one on Goodreads, one on" target="_blank">To The Bone Reviews, and the last (that I know of) in Dark Media Online, that give quite favorable reviews of the book -- and all three specifically mention my story, Mutes as one of the standouts inthe collection. You can click on the publication names to see the actual reviews. If you like. I know I did!


The Ghost IS The Machine has been out for a while now, and I'm still quite proud of it and the story I have in there, Photo Finish. Last month I found out that the HWA has a 'Recommended Reading List', that the members spend the year getting together for the judges for the Bram Stoker Awards. Just things they point out to the judges over time for them to keep an eye on when they start putting the nomination lists together for the Awards. Ghost  is on the list.

The list is made public every year, so you can follow that link up there right to it if you like. Just in case you don't, however, I'll quote some of the page to you here:

"This list of Bram Stoker Award Recommendations is compiled during the year by members of the Horror Writers Association. We make it available to the public as something of a 'reading list' for horror readers and fans. These works are all new horror published during the year that our members feel worthy of recommending for Bram Stoker Award consideration. They are not 'Bram Stoker Award nominees', nor are they part of any ballot process at this stage, but it is likely they represent some of the best new horror fiction, poetry and non-fiction published during the year.

Please note that if your work appears on this list that the Association's Bram Stoker Award etiquette specifically precludes advertising that fact: "You may not promote your work as "Bram Stoker Award Recommended", nor as appearing on the Bram Stoker Award Reading List. Receiving one, or a handful of Bram Stoker Award recommendations (which is how a work appears on the Bram Stoker Award Reading List) is a far cry from winning the Award or even from being listed on the preliminary ballot. It devalues the Bram Stoker Awards to have their name attached to works whose only defining characteristic may be that one or two HWA members liked them. Authors or publishers who promote their work in this manner run the risk of offending our voting members."

-Please also note, if there are any voting members out there who actually read this: my intention is not to publicly promote my work with this information, nor is it intended to offend any of you. I am, however, still new at this, and just the thought that someone out there who ostensibly knows what they are talking about really likes a book that features some of my work makes me very, very proud.


Well, I think that's it for last month's news... and yeah, I guess I had a little more to say that I thought when I started this thing. Sorry about that...

...Talk to you later!

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