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I write character-driven dark fiction.

             What do you do?

Welcome to my Friday Frights page! 

Some time ago I spent about a year writing for Vamplit Publishing's Friday Flash event, and then another for Dark Media's weekly Friday Fright. Long story short? I have over a hundred little tiny horror stories. Most of these Friday Frights are 1,000 words or less, but they may be graphic, gory, and possibly gruesome. If that's your thing, then please, enjoy! If it's not your thing, then turn back now, for Here There Be Monsters . . .

Story removed for project

Story removed for project

Story Removed for Project


Keepsakes --Story Removed for Project--



"Too commercialized."


"Too mainstream."

When Brian and Carol came to England, all they wished for was the most traditional holiday celebration they could find: a dance in the village square, dinner in the inn's taproom, and a lovely winter stroll beneath the stars.

No one told them to be careful what they wished for: they just might get it.

A terrifying new tale from seasoned horror writer Rob Smales, just in time for the holiday. Because not all Christmases are bright.

Available now from Amazon and Barnes & Noble